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Commerce Solutions

Delivering best in class eCommerce solutions to fuel business strategies

Customized Commerce Solutions

For the past 15 years Solveda has delivered best in class eCommerce solutions to fuel business strategies. We provide several eCommerce solutions to cater to B2B, B2C and Marketplace businesses.

Our solutions include:


OSLO is a Commerce starter store for HCL Commerce or Magento.

OSLO takes care of all the Commerce tasks, and offers a full featured functional solution while providing complete flexibility to customize the UI/UX and any of the functional components. Think of OSLO as a starting point—for most sites get up to 90% functionality ready-to-go and out-of-box. Just add water and see it grow!

Solveda Commerce TM

Solveda Commerce offers you best of both worlds – HCL’s signature Commerce Enterprise solution combined with a cost-effective Solveda managed cloud hosting. Hosting your online store on the Cloud, we guarantee a flexible, scalable and reliable service assuring optimal performance even at peak loads.

You retain full control over the behaviour, look, and feel of the online store, while experienced professionals from Solveda work closely with you to manage your online store.

Aurora Bazaar TM

Aurora Bazaar is a marketplace plugin for HCL Commerce that transforms the Aurora starter store to support multiple sellers in a traditional marketplace model. This means features to support multiple sellers on a single SKU, multiple seller inventories with separate pricing and per seller order item updates.

A complete and robust solution that leverages HCL Commerce Enterprise features, with added features of a B2C and B2B Marketplace. Aurora Bazaar is an end-all solution for supporting multiple sellers.

Aurora Lite TM

Aurora Lite is an eCommerce ready mobile app that allows businesses to create a completely customizable storefront with complete features.

With both Android and iOS support, this solution plugs into your existing HCL Commerce Aurora store through HCL webservices to allow you to easily deliver a similar experience on mobile devices.

Big Fish TM

BigFish is a world class E-commerce layer that runs on the OFBiz open source project, which serves as the foundation for thousands of E-commerce and ERP solutions. BigFish demonstrates the true power of OFBiz by further extending, enhancing and simplifying OFBiz to create a complete ERP cum multi-channel retail solution.

Simple, object-oriented, robust, and secure, BigFish is feature rich and created to be driven by your business and not your IT.

Automated Testing

At Solveda, we use the best QA automation frameworks & tools which helps our clients to release faster without compromising on quality. With more than 10 years of experience our highly skilled QA team have got hands on experience in Functional testing, Non-Functional testing, Mobile application testing and Performance testing.

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