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About Solveda

Founded in 2013 and headquartered in Long Island, New York, Solveda is an award-winning software design and development company. As a highly innovative global systems integrator, Solveda’s commitment to on-time, on budget projects are increasingly embraced by some of the world’s best run businesses.

Over the past two decades, Solveda has served customers ranging from Fortune 500 companies to the world’s largest retailers. Solveda has built patent-winning mission critical systems like the trading and accounting system at American Financial Group, run-the-business ERP solutions, and highly transactional eCommerce sites at Sleepys, mJunction, Carrefour, Mahindra, Yamaha Music, TATA Steel and Al-Yousifi.

Solveda’s design and software practice brings strong solution design capabilities around a wide array of proprietary, commercial and open-source platforms. The enterprise solutions practice offers custom development and product engineering solutions


1. Discovery


Gather Requirements

2. Design


Wireframes UI/UX

3. Execution


Build and Test

4. Delivery


On Time & On Budget

Be a global organization which develops innovative solutions to build state of the art enterprise applications.

Core Values

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Customer-Centricity -About us

Customer Centricity

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Constant Improvement

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Passion For Excellence

Meet Our Team

Nick Rosser

Group CEO

Deepak Agarwal

CEO, India

Len Shein

VP - Engineering

Natalie Spektor

Customer Satisfaction

Dinesh Setia

Director, E-Commerce

Mayank Jain


Saatvik Sethi

Director, Client Solutions

Daanish Butt

Director - Marketing & BD

Mehul Merchant


Amit Khajuria

VP - Marketing & BD

Chris Patterson

Director of Sales, EMEA

Prateek Bansal

Senior Program Manager

Chetan Kothari

Solutions Architect

Srishti Singh

HR Manager