Testing Solutions

Holistic Approach to Application Testing

Testing Services

Transform your application testing process with our end-to-end testing offerings. Test your web and mobile applications to ensure optimum performance leading to seamless customer experience.

We monitor the health & quality of systems across the organization. We help build tools which have organization wide impact that allows you to mitigate risks & increases your production output at a much faster rate.

Our expert testing team analyses & deploys solutions tailored based on your business requirements to improve your development productivity & application performance.


” Our Mission is to raise the bar of your customer experience standards by building & running industry’s top automated tools following quality related best practices to improve your developer productivity & solving testing friction points. “

Testing Solutions

With industry leading tools we automate the testing process to help you fast track your development & launch process. Lean on the automation tools to take care of the repetitive process & get advanced insights to focus on the important tasks that increases your productivity.
Identify the bottlenecks & issues related to your application’s performance. Eliminate them before they cause critical issues. Put your application through various tests to evaluate & get metrics to determine the applications fitness to launch & scope of improvement.
Our expert testing team will ensure functionality, stability & reliability of the application before it enters the go-live phase. Our extensive functional testing capabilities & testing software suite will ensure thorough consistent quality throughout the application components/functionalities.
Assess & improve your application’s security standards. Our testing experts will mitigate software and data quality risk by identifying, verifying, and surfacing status and issues to stakeholders. Dig out security flaws that damage the internal systems or leak sensitive customer information.
Allow a broader range of audience use your application with ease by following ADA Compliance/Guidelines & keep law litigations at bay! ADA Compliance will also boosts Organic SEO score to improve your SERP ranking.

Key Clients

What the Client says..

It is an absolute pleasure to work with our e-commerce development partner, Solveda. Since working with them, our e-commerce platform systems have been stable and reliable. They are also helping Office Brands realize and achieve strategic business and technology goals. The Solveda team is accommodating, flexible, and agile in adapting to our business’s rhythm, which is essential.

– Winston Chan, IT Support Manager