Why you should migrate to V9?

To put it simply, because V9 is HCL’s most powerful platform yet. Create an unfair advantage with Watson-powered AI, Distributed servers, externalized customization’s and much more.


The new capabilities of v9 include:
  • Watson Content Hub integration – Watson Content Hub (formerly DX Content Hub) gives business owners the power to create iconic, robust, and consistent brand experiences by using cloud-based, cognitive content management capabilities.
  • Dynamic Pricing integration – Dynamic Pricing 16.4 is a cloud-based pricing system that analyses real-time market data to provide suggestions on how merchandisers can react to competitor pricing and shifts in market conditions.
  • Taxation integration – Integrate HCL Commerce with a third-party tax calculation system to provide tax calculations.
  • Payment integration – Integrate Payment Service Provider through payment tokenization.
  • Externalized Customization (xC) – New programming pattern that introduces a separation between the core application components and customizations.
  • HCL Customer Service for HCL Commerce – This enables a CSR to perform key tasks on behalf of the guest, registered customers, for both B2B and B2C business models through the same storefront view as of any customer.

If your organization is interested in adopting HCL Commerce v9, Solveda can help you get started with a free consultation!

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