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Solveda is a Global Enterprise Commerce Technology SI headquartered in New York (USA) with offices in London, Gurgaon, Noida & Bangalore. We are a capable team of 120+ engineers with 25+ years of strong consulting experience spanning across industries & having built large-scale cutting-edge eCommerce applications across the globe catering to B2B & B2C customers. Solveda is a certified business partner with HCL Software for HCL (WebSphere) Commerce, with Adobe for Magento Commerce & with Salesforce for Commerce Cloud.

Since 1995, our company has strived to provide the best application development and design solutions to our clients in a variety of industries. As an innovative global systems integration company, we pride ourselves on delivering quality projects on-time and within budgets. We are proud to see clients recognize our commitment & efforts and such positive reviews about our work is a testimony of their trust in us.

The fact that we have been rated 4.6 on Clutch, advocates that our clients do find great value in what we offer and are happy with the project outcomes. Clutch is a Washington based leading B2B ratings & reviews platform that has a team of analysts who work closely with service providers by verifying each project and scheduling detailed reviews for them. This process makes Clutch stand out from similar providers in the market & their work helps interested companies match up with suitable partners.

Across different criteria, one of our clients has recently rated us with a positive 4.5 stars out of 5-star rating. Take a look at our recent achievement below:

Client Review on Clutch

For this project, we have worked with a farming solutions and technology company to integrate e-commerce solutions into their existing website. We have assisted the client with web maintenance through analytics support, MailChimp integrations, and SEO improvements. During the course of the project – we’ve provided consultative advice but remained open to their feedback.

Along with commenting on our willingness to take on every task and complete them in a timely manner, they are impressed with something even greater.

“I enjoy working with them.”
– Global Communications & Marketing Lead, Farming Solutions Company

We’ve also received other positive remarks across different reviews on Clutch:

“They get what we want, and they’re able to deliver to our custom needs.”
– CTO, Vitamin Company

“They’re our go-to for our real technical aspects of the site.”
– Marketing & E-Commerce Director, Jeweler

We’re happy to mention that Solveda has been featured as one of the Manifest’s top performing companies. On The Manifest, users can view company listing pages, browse through curated content, and find out more information about the top providers from Clutch.

It’s always a great feeling to receive such positive feedback from our clients. Their success is one of the core reasons we strive to deliver excellent services and results! We love that Clutch provides this outlet for all types of feedback.

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