Headless Commerce: Next big thing in eCommerce?

So, the word Headless Commerce is trending in the Digital industry for quite some time now and you must be wondering What it is? How does it work? How is it different from Traditional Commerce? Can it really enhance customer experience?

It’s time we talk about it…

What is Headless Commerce?

Headless Commerce is the separation of the head & body of an eCommerce application. This architecture allows each to operate independently so that changes in front end does not affect the back end of the application.

Now you must be wondering about what a head & body in eCommerce is.

The front-end (presentation layer) of the website which appears on your mobile/computer screen is the head. Whereas, the body is the back-end of the website which is responsible for PCI compliance, payment processing & capturing orders it is also called the commerce layer.

Headless Commerce architecture approach is built for the IoT age.

How Headless Commerce works?

A Headless eCommerce system works by passing requests between the presentation and application layers through web services or application programming interface (API) calls.

For instance, when the user clicks a “Purchase/Buy Now” button on their smartphone, the presentation layer of the Headless eCommerce system sends an API call to the application layer to process the order. The application layer sends another API call to the application layer to show the customer the status of their order.

So, How is Headless Commerce different from your Traditional Commerce?
CharacteristicTraditional CommerceHeadless Commerce
Front – end Development
  • Design Constraint
  • Time to edit the database, code, platform
  • Easy to Design, just a simple API call required
  • Need to build front end presentation from scratch
Customization  & Personalization
  • Pre – defined experience for both user & admin
  • Personalized experience for both user & admin
Adaptability & Flexibility
  • Front-end is tightly coupled with the back end which means there is minimum scope for customization
  • As the name suggests “headless”, front-end is separated from back-end, which results in maximum customization
How Headless Commerce can enhance Customer experience?

Let’s find out how implementing headless commerce to your eCommerce ecosystem can enhance the customer experience:

  • Consistent Customer Experience

Your customer needs changes along their buying journey, but more importantly they should receive a consistent and delightful experience across all touchpoints your business offers, no matter which medium or when they interact with your business. When the commerce layer which is the back end and customer experience are decoupled from one another, all the customer experience pieces  like the UI and other UX features are controlled in the CMS. Here, digital creative professionals can best express the brand’s qualities and values, and digital marketers can manage content and present new offers without altering the eCommerce system, if implemented effectively can result in enhanced customer experience.

  • Personalize Customer Experience

Headless Commerce because of its decoupled nature give brands the opportunity to take advantage of the beauty and customization abilities of best of breed CMS. The decoupled nature allows headless solutions to test personalization strategies without worrying of disrupting back-end capabilities which also results in saving time and not requiring army of Software Developers. Engaging customers in a personalized way can not only build long lasting relationships with them but also increases brand loyalty.

Why is Headless Commerce the future?

The future of eCommerce is all about providing superior, seamless and delightful shopping experiences for your customers and flexible solution for your developers making it easier for them. Headless approach allows you to have full control over how you engage with your customers and how they purchase the products from your business. So, adopting this approach is a win-win situation for both customers as well as the merchants.


The future of eCommerce is just not having a traditional web storefront but reaching the touchpoints wherever the customer chooses to shop. There is already a remarkable change in the behavioral pattern of the shoppers and headless approach will be the right fit to keep up with the changing trends and give the business strong brand experience across any touchpoint.

Our team of eCommerce technology experts can help you make the right decisions if your business is looking for Headless approach implementation. Get in touch with the experts!

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