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Turtle and Hughes

Turtle and Hughes Order Entry

Established in 1923, Turtle & Hughes is a leader in the distribution of Electrical and Industrial equipment, offering a full line of customized value-added services and programs. Turtle was looking for a replacement for their antiquated ERP system—a solution that had evolved over the last 20 years, and one that was running out of steam. The focus was on Order Entry with a speed and ease of use primary requirements.


  • Solveda LLC recommended that the new Turtle platform be based on the Open For Business (OFBiz) open-source platform
  • This would provide ultimate flexibility since Solveda could use the baseline and customize in areas without limitations
  • Given Turtle’s complex business requirements this would provide the ultimate solution


  • Each customer could have carefully and specifically agreed contract pricing
  • Others could fall into “category” level pricing, for example, “Medium Size Contractor”
  • This level of pricing could be regional, or vary by the type of product that is being purchased
  • Others could fall within “vendor” specified pricing
  • Individual salesman can maintain price lists for their customers
  • All with an overriding rule to consider a price given to that customer on any previous order—providing consistent pricing was a key requirement, while trying to maintain contractual obligations and stay within acceptable profit guidelines
  • This was accommodated by providing a number of functions to maintain various levels of pricing “matrices” to accommodate users, all customers, all vendors and all combinations

Order Entry

  • A major issue was the simple fact that Turtle had a large number of users
  • Many with very different requirements in terms of entering orders
  • Some users would have a large order volume, with few items on each order
  • Others would have a low order volume, with hundreds of line items
  • This was accommodated by implementing both “express” and “detail” variations of Order Entry
  • The “express” entry mode would allow for quick-key, multi-line-item orders
  • The “detail” entry mode would allow for a more thorough, “negotiated” process
  • Both “express” and “detail” are completely interchangeable, switching from one mode to another is a single mouse click

What the client says…

“Working with Solveda was an absolute pleasure, after the selection of the Open for Business (OFBiz) platform we were delighted with the progress made. Our business users were impressed with the well designed user interface which allowed them quick and easy entry of all new orders, an absolute necessary requirement in our fast paced business.”

Milton Clark,
Director, Turtle & Hughes