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Satya Paul eCommerce

Founded in 2001, Genesis Colors pioneered design-led luxury fashion retailing in India. Genesis owns or operates some of India’s most respected labels including Satya Paul, The Rack, Bw!tch etc. Satya Paul is the company’s flagship brand, a name that is synonymous with chic Indian ethnic wear. The brand has been at the forefront of ethnic fashion for over 25 years and there are over 1500 Satya Paul retail points in India and around the world.


Built on IBM Websphere Commerce Solution (WCS), is the online face of the brand for its thousands of loyal customers worldwide. While the site was recording a steady stream of targeted and high quality traffic, conversion rates were not in line with those reported for niche luxury apparel eTailers. There were frequent site outages, slow load times and design issues that were clearly impacting customer experience.

  • Performance and site stability issues – Frequent system halt issues were reported, server restarts were required from time to time and their IT team was struggling to maintain consistent site stability
  • Site load time and responsiveness had to be vastly improved. Being a luxury retailer targeting the premium market, superior user experience was critical to maintain brand loyalty
  • Scalability issues – Site response times were considerably affected during traffic peaks, site was unable to scale with growing traffic, and outages were commonplace
  • Genesis was looking to find a reliable Websphere commerce expert as a long term partner since their IT services contract was coming up for renewal


  • Solveda developers rolled out a website reconfiguration plan to improve performance issues
  • Design teams from Solveda analysed the brand philosophy and recommended design tweaks to target better customer experience
  • Redundant and unused batch programs were either retired or streamlined to free up resources and improve performance
  • Numerous performance tuning tests were implemented to ensure the site scaled seamlessly while it recorded a steady increase in traffic


  • Notable increase in conversion rates were reported owing to better site navigation and quicker site response time
  • Site up-time at 99.99%
  • Redundant and unused batch programs were either retired or streamlined to free up resources and improve performance
  • Solveda team helped Genesis fully leverage the power of the Websphere platform without having to replace or migrate the platform


What the client says…

“The Solveda team came with enormous amount of experience in e-Commerce and IBM WCS platform. In a very short span of time the requirement capture phase was done, & a very smooth transition from existing technology to Solveda solution was performed. A bunch of very approachable, professional and solution oriented people.”

Manish Saini,
Head of e-Commerce, Genesis Colors Pvt Ltd.