Rugs USA


RugsUSA partners with Solveda

  • is a leader in the rug retail industry since 1998.
  • They are dedicated to selling high-quality rugs, furniture, and home decor from around the world at rock-bottom prices.


  • RugsUSA had an old B2C implementation developed by a system integrator who was no longer available
  • Performance, tuning and scalability issues
  • Image management difficulties


  • Accessing and installing all existing source code
  • Reviewing and analyzing code to become familiar with their specific implementation
  • Discussing functionality, limitations and enhancements, reviewing the road-map, prioritizing tasks, planning and scheduling tasks into the development work queue


  • Performance, tuning and scalability: Solveda analyzed and tuned the application to a point where the client was able to reduce the number of back-end servers from 9 to 3
  • Bootstrap RWD: Solveda re-engineered the entire UI to use Bootstrap compliant markup transforming the solution into a Response Web Design (RWD) compliant application, suitable to be accessed from any device (desktop, tablet or mobile phone)
  • Image management: Solveda re-engineered the catalog images to enable fast load, zoom, and pan functionality within the detail pages.