Real in Site

Real Estate Listing and Management Solution

Dayton Halstead was a rapidly growing real estate agency operating in the highly-competitive luxury real estate market in The Hamptons area of Long Island.


A Long Island, N.Y., real estate operation needed a technology platform that could grow with and support its rapidly expanding business. The Dayton-Halstead firm had three offices, dozens of agents, a deep stock of properties, a steady stream of customers’ and an increasing inability to leverage those resources with its outdated database. The technology in place was slow and lacked the modern features and ease of use that were fast becoming standards in the real estate marketplace. To stay competitive, the agency needed a new system to streamline its central database, upgrade its listings, track customer needs, and share data in a user-friendly, real-time environment that would allow agents to maximize sales potential.


Solveda’s consultants examined the business challenges facing not just Dayton-Halstead but the overall real estate community. Our team quickly saw the need for a robust technology that would intuitively capture and leverage a wide range of information in a Web-based interface. We delivered that technology with our Real-In-Site application. This powerful tool easily tracks and manages the myriad variables of property listings and client data. It is a proven, industry-tested system that sets the standard for centralized management of real estate data.



Real-In-Site doesn’t simply stop with the essential delivery of property listings and contact management. The application includes a number of additional features that optimize the real estate work flow

What the Client says..

“Solveda’s application was the answer. We’ve dramatically upgraded not just our technology, but our ability to match people with property. This system is a must for real estate professionals.”
Diane Saatchi, Realtor