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Quancious partners with Solveda to launch

ENVS Eco-Friendly Digital Fabrics India Pvt.Ltd is a high fashion brand known in the international market for their sustainable fabrics and digitally printed garments. They launched the brand Quancious to make sustainable and customizable fashion a reality in the market.


  • Ability to launch a highly customizable global fashion eCommerce site to showcase a selection of over 25,000 prints and 5,000 Styles for Fashion and Home Decor items supporting 4 currencies & with the capability to deliver in about 100 countries.
  • Provide complete flexibility to customer for ordering the fabric online according to their selection of print, color, fabric, size and personalize image.
  • Highly customized orders demand, a robust Order Management System catering to highly personalized orders.


  • Solveda in partnership with IBM developed an eCommerce site leveraging the IBM WebSphere Commerce platform & Watson Cognitive technologies.
  • The site enabled the customer to get a realistic visual of each with the choices of print, color or graphic made before making a choice.
  • Powered by Watson Cognitive technologies, site provides visual recommendation based on the images browsed on a real time basis.
  • To provision an Order Management System, Solveda integrated a propriety OMS based on Apache OfBiz with to provide an easy to use a business tool.



Customized Apparels


Watson AI enabled