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Solveda delivers revamped mJunction eCommerce Project, India’s largest eCommerce Venture

mJunction Services Ltd, an ambitious eCommerce initiative promoted jointly by India’s largest private sector firm Tata Group and the Steel Authority of India today ranks as India’s largest eCommerce venture by transaction volume. Starting off as a steel and coal marketplace, the company diversified into a B2C model by launching a retail site, and an automotive focused site

Today mJunction is also the country’s largest steel e-Marketplace and has been credited with transforming the steel and coal supply chain in the country. It has been hailed as a model that brings greater transparency in an ecosystem known for rampant inefficiencies.


  • Solveda is proud to have been associated with the project and is delighted to announce the successful delivery of the revamped site
  • mJunction had selected IBM Websphere Commerce as its commerce engine and partnered with Solveda for a complex solution design


  • A complete user interface redesign
  • Rework of the Auto Accessories site
  • General site performance and optimization
  • Migrated and from IBM Websphere V6 to V7 with a whole new approach to customer experience and usability.

What the client says…

“There was a huge demand from vendors and distributors who wanted to be associated with the Tata Steel brand. We are thrilled to be working with Solveda on all aspects of our B2C and B2B projects.”

Viresh Oberoi,
Managing Director and Chief Executive of mJunction Services