Massachusetts Office of Student Financial Aid

Admissions and Financial Aid Management

The mission of the Massachusetts Office of Student Financial Assistance (OSFA) is to promote and enhance access to higher education by delivering quality student financial aid information and services to residents of the Commonwealth, and thus ensuring that they have an opportunity to enrich their lives and contribute to the economic development and social progress of the state.

PowerFAIDS Customization

This effort enabled the Massachusetts State Agency to manage and control their $50M financial aid program. Solveda continues to assist OSFA in their system development efforts in order to keep up with Federal and State legislation.

PowerFAIDS Web Enabled

eFAIDS allows schools and students to view and display information via the web. Schools may perform a number of tasks instantly that would ordinarily take several days to perform. This includes instant enrollment certification that will release funds.

No Interest Loan (eNIL) Program

The Electronic No Interest Loan program was developed to facilitate a specialized grant program that made targeted awards to exceptional students. This solution is completely automated with particpating schools and includes electronic promissory notes, loan repayment and refund processing, and extensive reporting.

What the Client says..

“Solveda were instrumental in providing solutions that allowed us to manage our grants, scholarships and loans. We now have an automated solution that is offered to all participating schools that has totally streamlined the award, acceptance and funding processes.”
Clantha McCurdy,
Program Director