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Integra Med

Specialty Health Care System

Integramed is a Specialty Health Care Service provider. It’s flagship offering, Shared Risk, was developed to reduce a couple’s financial anxiety by fixing the cost involved in participating in multiple IVF cycles. By limiting the amount of money “at risk”, this program preserves financial resources for other family-building options should IVF fail.


The Shared Risk program was being managed with a mix of Microsoft office products, small desktop solutions and a dedicated staff that managed to hold everything together. Integramed needed a consolidated solution that would collect all applications, clinical data, program and treatment information as well as offer seamless reporting and letter generation capabilities.


Solveda was hired to build the new Shared Risk application software. Solveda developed a custom solution that included the following key modules:

  • Case: This module allow for the maintenance of each new case. A special tickler feature was implemented that would allow each user to keep track of their cases, with home page reminders for next contact or action on a case. A case would include a number of scheduled treatments at an affiliate’s facility.
  • Financial: This module essentially tracked all revenue and expense information. On the revenue side, the patient’s program payments are tracked and reconciled to the contracted price. For expenses, physician or affiliate payouts were tracked against each of the patient treatments. Financial analysis included recognized and unrecognized revenue, payments due, overpayments, and credits.
  • Letters: The Letter module allowed for both scheduled letters, based on certain status values, or treatment types as well as a custom letter writing facility. Capability to view and re-print letters is also available.
  • Reports: A number of available operational and management reports are available together with a powerful report generator facility that could extract data and format using one of the many pre-defined output templates.
  • Personalization: Many of the screens have personalization options, for preferred views, skins, access, and output types.
  • Administration: IntegraMed has complete control for the maintenance of login users, access rights via user roles, audit log, and the scheduling of the various batch jobs.

What the client says…

” We were looking for a solution that simply could not be purchase off-the-shelf, and chose Solveda because of their impressive track record of delivering specialized software. Solveda gathered, analyzed and documented our requirements and built a solution for Integramed that met all of our needs. The system was a huge success and immediately resulted in operational efficiencies that allowed my team to more effectively manage the Shared Risk Program.”

Pam Schumann,
Executive Director, Shared Risk Refund Program