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Gold Medal Hair

Specialized eCommerce Retailer

For almost 70 years, Gold Medal Hair has been pioneering the creation of natural solutions to address the unique cosmetic needs of Black women. Their complete catalog of custom wigs, designer hair styling products, and organic health and beauty supplies are available factory direct with no distributors or resellers.


  • Gold Medal Hair had a problem, their niche market required a strong but flexible eCommerce solution that allowed clients to feel safe about their purchases by way of detailed product information and user reviews.
  • With new features in place, Gold Medal Hair wished to explore ways of updating the look and feel of their current Web site.


  • The user interface was given a complete facelift to enhance the customer experience while still maintaining the strong presence of the well-established Gold Medal Hair brand.
  • The product review feature was implemented for each product allowing customers the opportunity to search and select an item based on its rating scale.
  • Significant SEO features were included, greatly increased organic exposure of the brand



Increased ROI

Increase in Branding

Increase in Branding

Increase in Customer Experience

Increase in Customer Experience


What the client says…

“At Gold Medal Hair we had very specific criteria for developing our eCommerce model. The technology and team at BigFish have more than surpassed our expectations for achieving our business goal. Our primary objective was to transition to the new eCommerce framework with maximum transparency to our existing client base; BigFish made our concern their top priority and we could not be more pleased with their work.”

Rick Laban,Chief Marketing Officer