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American Swan

American Swan sees significant rise in top line with streamlining Order Management System

American Swan, a premium global online Fashion & Lifestyle brand, offers preppy fashion in the range of authentic smart Casuals to people who seek an Aspirational, Glamorous yet restrained lifestyle. The brand combines classic, iconic ‘Americana’ style with a quintessential European Fashion: its refinement, tailoring and sensibility. The brand is owned by The American Swan Lifestyle Company (TASLC), a dynamic fashion & apparel-led lifestyle company.


  • American Swan partnered with Solveda to improve order management system which was built on Ofbiz ERP. Solveda came in with expertise in OfBiz implementations and went to work to meet the first challenge – Improve the order management process.
  • The order management process was a multi-step and a multi system process which allowed for delays in processing an order. The delay was hitting American Swan’s bottom line as a limited number of orders could be processed in a day.
  • American Swan also listed its products in marketplaces. To manage the order flow it signed up with Unicommerce. This introduced another system to the order management process thus affecting the efficiency.
  • Reports was another area that needed urgent attention as most scheduled reports were not executing or took too long to execute. The collation of data became a road block to taking strategic decisions and future planning.


  • Efficiency of the order management was the first challenge for the OfBiz team in Solveda. The OfBiz spent time in understanding the roadblocks and identified areas for improvement in the system. A solution was then proposed for simplification of steps around order processing in virtual fulfillment centers.
  • To simplify processing of orders from marketplaces via Unicommerce, Solveda OfBiz team integrated Unicommerce with OfBiz Order Management System (OMS). One team could now manage all orders in OfBiz OMS irrespective of source of the order.
  • Solveda also resolved the technical challenges of the reporting structure which lead to successful generation of business reports on time.


  • When Solveda came on board, the order management system allowed about 400 orders to be processed on a daily basis. Post optimization of order management, the steps for order processing were reduced from 10 to 3.
  • As a result of Unicommerce integration an order from Flipkart or Amazon could now be processed with others orders from American Swan e-store via Ofbiz Order Management System.
  • These changes in Order Management Systems lead to faster order processing with figures sky rocketing to 4000 orders in a span of 6 months post optimization.

American Swan