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ALP Microsystems

Solveda enhances business process automation for ALP Microsystems WEBOE

Based in Montreal, Quebec, ALP Microsystems has been developing Point-of-Sale (POS) solutions since 1983. The offerings include a full line of POS systems, both for the restaurant and retail industry, to more specialized applications such as the sale of fuel, the garment industry and the manufacture of custom-built furniture.


  • ALP Microsystems product WEBOE (based on Apache OfBiz – a powerful open source ERP engine) was being used by one of the customers- PIPE and PILING SUPPLIES LTD.
  • WEBOE was not used up to its complete potential, only inventory management module was in use.
  • It was exceedingly difficult to effectively manage inventory, process orders, generate invoices, manage credit processes and generate reports.
  • The process lacked the capability to track and auto update the inventory levels across warehouses whenever sales and purchases were made.
  • The idea was to provide them a solution with an efficient enterprise management for a superior end customer experience.


  • Solveda Apache OfBiz team had its work cut out. Inventory module was first modelled to allow the store managers a complete view of the inventory across all warehouses. ‘In Transit’ inventory tracking was also enabled, which allowed WEBOE to accept orders from customers which they previously refused because of no visibility on the movement of a stock.
  • Solveda Engineering team worked closely with the end customer PIPE and PILING SUPPLIES to overcome operational challenges in other areas like:
    – Warehouse management
    – Improved Order life cycle
    – Automated Tax calculation with Avalara Tax API Integration
    – Credit Processes and Automated Credit Invoices for US & Canada
    – Efficient sales reporting.


Real-Time Visibility & Accessibility

Control over Inventory Management

Control over Inventory Management

Order Management processes

Order Management processes