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AFSA Data Corp., now a unit of Affiliated Computer Services Inc., has been providing computer services to the nation’s higher education community for more than 30 years. The company approached Solveda about improving and updating one of its core business: servicing education loans. ACS Education had two objectives. First, the company wanted to offer individual borrowers the ability to consolidate a wide variety of existing loans into a single payment plan. And second, it wanted to streamline and update its loan servicing system, used by schools to manage their institutional loan programs.

Behind e-CAPS

  • The Electronic Consolidation Application Processing System (e-CAPS) greatly streamlines the complex variables involved in Loan Consolidation
  • Individuals are first checked to see if they qualify for consolidation; qualifiers then fill out an application, and that information is entered into e-CAPS, which evaluates the existing loans, generates payoff statements
  • e-CAPS generates checks to pay off existing loans and feeds the mainframe Loan Servicing System with information about the new, consolidated loan
  • The Solveda team worked closely with the User Group to collect the project’s requirements and ensure that a functional, easy-to-use, stable application was implemented
  • The result was a system that offers more automation of the loan consolidation process than any other in the industry

Behind e-COMMAND

  • The e-COMMAND application allowed ACS to significantly upgrade its loan servicing program without having to completely reinvent the process. The Solveda team designed e-COMMAND to work on and reuse the rules of the existing Stratus computer system, while creating a front end that delivered its users much richer functionality. The enhanced, web-based GUI replaced the outdated “green-screen” interface that clients had used to manage their loan programs. The completed application gave ACS the industry’s first web-enabled student loan management system.
  • The friendly web interface replaced a cumbersome, VPN-based system while retaining key functions and adding new ones. e-COMMAND gives schools online reporting, sortable borrower history, enhanced processing, easy navigation with online help screens, and more comprehensive, yet still consolidated account search and input capabilities.
  • Additionally, Solveda also implemented an e-COMMAND extension called e-CMS (Collection Management System).
  • e-CMS allows ACS clients to track, monitor, and queue all collection activities. They can distribute delinquent accounts to the various collectors; integrate with an auto-dialer; log the details of various activities; schedule future activities; and build custom queries that integrate with such functionality as a letter generator, extraction, and a custom Report Writer

What the clients says…

e-CAPS has transformed ACS’s loan consolidation department into a truly automated processing environment. Nowhere in the industry will you find a more efficient means of processing loan consolidations with a design that meets the vital needs of borrowers, lenders, and guarantors.

Steve Snyder,
President, ACS Education