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e-Commerce for famous Mattress retailer was founded in 1976 as Dial-A-Mattress with small classified ads offering customers home delivery of mattresses.


  • 1-800-Mattress was under pressure from competitors, and needed a new eCommerce site fast.
  • A new design direction was sought, to improve the customer experience and conversions.
  • The business experts needed tools to maintain the site without the need for technical staff.



YOY Traffic Up

Catalogue and Content Management

Catalogue and Content Management

Backend Integeration

Integration with back-end systems


  • was delivered in just 3 months.
  • The solution was designed from scratch, Solveda worked with all stakeholders to achieve maximum usability.
  • Sophisticated mattress finders and other search tools were designed.
  • Integration with back-end systems resulting in 60% less returns.


What the client says…

“Solveda leveraged our existing infrastructure and delivered an effective, revenue generating eCommerce solution within 3 months. Their expert design skills allowed us to provide a world-class user experience to our customers. The new website also ties seamlessly to our back-end, allowing self-service online functions to operate for all of our sales channels.”

Don Rowley, CIO