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FishOil goes online

1800FishOil was in need of a feature-rich eCommerce website capable of integrating seamlessly with their current setup. Having already implemented an Open for Business (OFBiz) ERP solution, 1800FishOil reached out to Solveda, and its BigFish eCommerce solution, to provide a new layer of integration by way of a flexible and powerful eCommerce front end. With high demand for 1800FishOil’s products, it was crucial that their solution be developed and launched in a short 60-day time frame.


  • As a result of bigFish’s seamless OOTB integration with the OFBiz platform, the setup of 1800FishOil’s complete eCommerce infrastructure was finished before the deadline
  • The BigFish Admin Module has allowed 1800FishOil’s team of designers and technical staff to build the site’s UI, and customize the site’s functionality, all directly within the system


  • User Reviews: Customers are provided with a feature to rate and thoroughly review each purchase. These ratings are made public once the review is approved by an administrator within the BigFish Admin Module
  • Innovation Product Organization: The main navigation was designed to provide various methods for locating products. Users can view products by brand name, product form, health concern, and price range. Search feature is also available
  • Custom Content Areas: Existing content on the home page was created by 1800FishOil’s design staff. From lush image banners to animated product scrollers, all custom code, CSS, and scripting was easily integrated into the Home Page Content Spots. These combined elements create a truly unique and captivating user interface

What the client says…

” Having the option to use our in-house design guys and staff to build the site as we saw fit was a tremendous advantage for us. The tools that bigFish integrated into our setup had our store up and running in a turnaround I didn’t think possible.”

Anuj Gupta, CTO