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HR Chat Bot

Leverage AI-powered bots to boost employee productivity and satisfaction.

Whether it’s keeping track of employee data, assessing their performance or preforming appraisals, AI-powered bots for HR can aid in both simplifying and expediting these processes. Capable of streamlining and personalizing the HR process across seasonal, temporary, part-time, and full-time employees, chatbots can play a crucial role in helping the HR team engage with employees.

Ensure fewer overheads for Managers and HR, improved productivity for the organization, and better engagement for employees with Solveda’s HR Chatbot.


“Chatbots could save businesses up to $8 billion per year across industries.”

– Juniper Research

Why HR Bots?

HR bots help in automating responses to inbound enquiries and improving communication across the company. This drastically improves turnaround times and employee happiness, while letting your HR department focus on more important tasks.


What sets HR bots apart is that they can be trained to:

  • Answer the day-to-day queries of employees such as vacation days, health benefits, payroll inquiries, etc.
  • Assist recruitment and background verification.
  • Resolve FAQ’s on Company Policies.
  • Assist in training employees.
  • Submit and deliver employee assessments and performance reviews.
  • Collect candidate experience feedback
  • Interact with multiple employees at a time to improve productivity.

And much more! Organizations across the world are leveraging HR chatbot to augment their Human Resources.

Notable Features

Company Policies FAQs

Application of Leaves

Payroll Enquiries & Email Pay slip

Timesheets updates

Employee Induction

Collect Employee feedback & complaints

If your organization is interested in adopting HR Chatbot, Solveda can help you get started with a free consultation!