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Marketplace Plugin for IBM Commerce

AuroraBazaar is a marketplace plugin for IBM WebSphere Commerce that transforms the Aurora starter store to support multiple sellers in a traditional marketplace model. This means features to support multiple sellers on a single SKU, multiple seller inventories with separate pricing, and per seller order item updates.

A complete and robust solution that leverages IBM WebSphere Commerce Enterprise features, with added features of a B2C and B2B Marketplace; AuroraBazaar is an end-all solution for supporting multiple sellers.

Why AuroraBazaar?

  • Modular Design – The marketplace is a natural extension to IBM Webesphere Commerce inherent architecture principles enabling seamless integration with the platform.
  • Support for B2C and B2B models – In addition to B2C Marketplace features, AuroraBazaar marketplace design allows Business to Business features like business catalog mapping, contracts and managing retailer orders by distributer organizations.
  • SellerKube – Seller Interface to Marketplace – SellerKube provides an interface for Sellers to Manage Users, Orders, and Catalogue for the marketplace. The Marketplace owner manages all approvals before any listing on the marketplace.


Seller Product Mapping

Seller Product Creation

Order Split per Seller

OMS Integration

Seller Management

Ready iOS and Android App

How it Works

If your organization is interested in adopting AuroBazaar™, we can help you get started with a free consultation