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Marketplace Plugin for HCL Commerce


AuroraBazaar is a marketplace plugin for HCL Commerce that transforms the Aurora starter store to support multiple sellers in a traditional marketplace model. This means features to support multiple sellers on a single SKU, multiple seller inventories with separate pricing, and per seller order item updates.

A complete and robust solution that leverages HCL Commerce Enterprise features, with added features of a B2C and B2B Marketplace; AuroraBazaar is an end-all solution for supporting multiple sellers.

Why AuroraBazaar?

  • Modular Design – The marketplace is a natural extension to HCL Commerce inherent architecture principles enabling seamless integration with the platform.
  • Support for B2C and B2B models – In addition to B2C Marketplace features, AuroraBazaar marketplace design allows Business to Business features like business catalog mapping, contracts and managing retailer orders by distributor organizations.
  • SellerKube – Seller Interface to Marketplace – SellerKube provides an interface for Sellers to Manage Users, Orders, and Catalogue for the marketplace. The Marketplace owner manages all approvals before any listing on the marketplace.


  • Seller Product Mapping
  • Seller Product Creation
  • Order Split per Seller
  • OMS Integration
  • Seller Management
  • Ready iOS and Android App

How it Works

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