Circuit City Reboots their eCommerce with OSLO

“Solveda, their OSLO Starter Store and HCL Commerce make the perfect combination to inexpensively build and deliver a new site. Alongside the ease and efficiency of the whole process, we have been really impressed at the lightning-fast performance of Headless Commerce. We would strongly recommend anyone considering high-end Commerce, speak to Solveda and choose HCL Commerce as their eCommerce platform.”
– Ronny Shmoel, CEO
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Oslo image three

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An Introduction to OSLO ( Lead Generation )

Main Features ( Lead Generation )

OSLO Integration ( Lead Generation )


Quick Order Entry

Quick order functionality by file upload to increase efficiency


Reorder from Historical Orders

Reorder from your previous orders for a smooth purchasing process


Saved Orders

Maintain any number of templated orders, convert with one click


Requisition Lists

Maintain sub-orders & use easily & seamlessly to create complex orders


Recurring Orders

Create & maintain recurring orders to auto-replenish inventory on your schedule



Allow customers to maintain a hierarchy tree to represent their business



Allow customers to maintain their own buyers


Approval Workflow

Sophisticated order & buyer workflows

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