Solveda and RiskWrite

Solveda is the US channel partner for London based, eInsurance specialists Sabrefish. Sabrefish, experts in building, integrating and supporting solutions for the insurance industry, including full life cycle underwriting system RiskWrite, already operate in the UK and Europe.

We chose Sabrefish and RiskWrite to help radically streamline our end-to-end business processes in Europe. We wanted to ensure low fixed costs associated to I.T. operations and yet increase our overall business agility. By choosing RiskWrite we will meet these aims and also be able to launch new products more quickly, eliminating traditional paper based processes and removing the need to liaise with third party software providers to make changes to our platform. Each of the European offices has differing needs and RiskWrite allows the flexibility to implement different models for each office.

Director,DUAL International

An Introduction to RiskWrite

  • Sabrefish recognized that the insurance market had evolved considerably over the last decade moving from a single distribution channel, typically based around pure face-to-face policy negotiation, to a far less homogenous model where underwriters interact with brokers, intermediaries and the assured, in a variety of different ways.
  • This new model offers considerable opportunities for intermediaries and carriers to trade in new geographies, new lines of business, or simply to manage existing business in a more cost effective way.
  • RiskWrite is a proven, highly configurable, multi channel insurance application. RiskWrite can be integrated into a range of other applications that MGA’s and Carriers are likely to use.

RiskWrite Enterprise Benefits

  • Highly flexible and configurable; bring new products to market rapidly with in-built quote & policy production and document management
  • Application management & support; support for multiple distribution channels in a single solution
    • Face-to-face or on the phone
    • Broker portal
    • Delegated authority
    • B2B / B2C
  • Multi-national with extensive language, taxation and regional features
  • Intermediary, MGA and carrier accounting and reporting, premium settlement, commissions and flexible tax calculations

Broker Portal

RiskWrite enables companies to create a highly configurable broker portal offering commodity insurance products over the web to brokers, agents or direct to the assured. Crucially, the broker portal is not a separate “bolt-on”, but an integrated part of the core application. We used our extensive multi channel experience to clients to be highly agile when:

  • Bringing new products to market
  • Differentiating products by geography, producer, scheme, target market etc
  • Actively managing products, for example, varying rates and terms over time
  • Producing flexible and automated documents
  • Automatically referring exceptions to an underwriter

B2B / B2C

RiskWrite provides a multi-channel sales solution for Carriers and MGAs to quickly implement a business-to-business (B2B or business-to-consumer (B2C) channel. This solution includes “broker branding” so that each broker may have their own branded B2C online website. Benefits include:

  • Provide an easy to use and familiar shopping experience for both business and personal consumers
  • Responsive Web Design (RWD): optimal viewing experience across all devices, from desktops, to tablets, to mobile phones
  • Broker Branding: provides a unique broker branded B2C direct to customer sales channel
  • Content Management: flexible and configurable
  • Quick Check Out: supports all major credit cards and PayPal payments
  • Analytics: use Google Analytics to help increase sales

At Novae we prioritise high service levels and enabling our underwriting talent – so we can provide competitive policies to market, accurately, with speed. To do this we required comprehensive, flexible product creation and everything that comes with it – easy documents, renewal and support on hand. RiskWrite Enterprise and Sabrefish’s experience of our market were complimentary tools to enable our people, increase efficiencies and contribute to overall profit. We look forward to continuing to partner with Sabrefish to support our future growth strategy.

Head of IT,Novae Group

Product Control and Rules Engine

RiskWrite has a built-in, flexible and configurable Product Build tool that allows business users to quickly create or modify insurance products. A powerful rules engine performs calculations such as rates, discounts and taxes and goes as far as having an internal scripting facility so that almost any logical action or calculation can be created.

  • Easily change quote or policy wordings based on the answers given to a question or combination of questions
  • Easily change rates, limits, excess points and coverages based on the answer to a question or combination of questions
  • Manage the process of referring quotes to an underwriter or declining based on particular circumstances
  • Control the number, type and definition of individual sections within a package policy


RiskWrite has document generation functionality so that quotes, policies and other documents, can be automatically created with granular control over individual clauses, exclusions, languages etc. on a product-by-product and policy-by-policy basis.

  • The Documents are created and managed using the familiar MS-Word editor, and RiskWrite combines this with a powerful, rules based document generator to enable the automatic creation and issue of quotes, policies, debit notes and letters.
  • Documents are fully integrated with the in-built product build facility so that all documents are automatically tailored to be relevant to that particular product and the insured business or individual.
  • RiskWrite is helping to modernize and innovate the industry with a combination of document repositories, document management and web content management.

We were looking for an affordable system that would not only be up and running quickly but had the necessary functions to drive operational efficiency. Sabrefish implemented the new system, including migrating data, in less than a two months. A fast implementation is critical to the success of our acquisition.

CFO,Nexus Group


RiskWrite features an integrated claims management component

  • Claims processing is supported from initial notification to final closure and a history of all events and communications associated with the claim is recorded.
  • Estimates are maintained as outstanding reserves, and payments can be allocated against loss, legal or other costs, and adjuster fees, reserves management
  • Initial notifications are recorded on the system, and their details scanned and placed into the document repository.


RiskWrite also provides integrated double entry insurance ledger that supports all cash-flows including:

  • Payments (premiums and claims)
  • Cash matching and cash allocations
  • Unallocated cash management
  • Credit control
  • Extract to general ledger
  • Automatic carrier accounting and settlement

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