ERP Order Management, Logistics and Fulfillment

Purity Products was founded in 1993 by current President and CEO Jahn Levin in Long Island, NY. Since inception, Purity Products had a passion, purpose and emphasis for developing science based, nutritional supplementation and deliver them directly to customers at an excellent value.

For us to continue to grow our business and increase revenue, we had to solve our technology challenges. With two disparate systems not talking to each other, we risked customer satisfaction being compromised. Customers want to be able shop via multiple channels. They want to be able to shop online and/or call us on the phone… and they want that experience to be equally pleasant and efficient, regardless of channel. Solveda built Purity Products a consolidated platform. Now our ERP solution and eCommerce solution are in-synch, with the same information. They delivered on the vision we had, and our business is all the better for it.

Jahn Levin,President and CEO, Purity Products


Purity Products, the recognized leader in the field of evidence based nutraceuticals, had outgrown their MS-Access solution. Purity were in high growth mode, adding CSR’s each week, handling increased order volumes, and managing rising fulfillment demands. At peak periods the MS-Access solution was grinding to a halt. Purity needed a new platform, a platform that could handle the company growth, be flexible for future enhancements and robust enough to support all their business processes.


  • Solveda recommended that Purity Product adopt the Open for Business (OFBiz) ERP solution. The open-source nature of the project gave Purity two big benefits right from the start: a fully functional ERP solution for a low-cost and the ability to tailor the solution for Purity’s very specific needs.
  • Solveda’s solution was in the “bet your business” category – Purity were entrusting all their business processes to Solveda and our ability to deliver. And we delivered a working application after just 8 months, supporting their entire business.
  • Purity’s daily processes are very dependent on Customer Service Reps (CSR) interaction with the application. Every second counts and Solveda were able to build a very specific interface that was easy to use, fast and provided a 360 degree view of the customer. This highly customized feature has quick search functions, a view of the customer, order history, all CSR commentary and notes from prior correspondence plus quick order entry functions. Since going live the average call time has been reduced significantly, saving both time and money, and improving customer service quality.


  • Inventory: Standard reservations, back order and receiving
  • Pick and Pack: Customized pick-and-pack generation to allow for special grouping of orders with similar product lines.
  • Shipping: Special module to automate the ship and scan function that automatically tracks carrier tracking information.
  • Imports: Orders from the web site, and 3rd party vendors, with custom matching algorithms to match to existing customers.
  • Accounting: Feed into Purity’s corporate accounting package.