eCommerce, Nutraceuticals

Purity Products was founded in 1993 by current President and CEO Jahn Levin in Long Island, NY. Since inception, Purity Products had a passion, purpose and emphasis for developing science based, nutritional supplementation and deliver them directly to customers at an excellent value.

For us to continue to grow our business and increase revenue we had to solve our technology challenges. Solveda built Purity Products a consolidated platform. Now our ERP solution and eCommerce solution are in-synch, with the same products, pricing, promotions, and content. They delivered on the vision we had, and our business is all the better for it.

Jahn Levin,President and CEO, Purity Products


Purity Products had two disconnected solutions for their ERP and eCommerce channels. The ERP system would not reflect web orders until the next business day and phone order changes were not reflected on the website. Purity needed a consolidated platform that would synchronize their ERP and eCommerce solutions to provide customers with the most up-to-date information, whether calling into Customer Service or viewing their profile on the site.


Solveda had previously implemented an Open for Business (OFBiz) ERP solution. The next step was to use the same platform for the website. The first phase included replicating the existing user-interface – a platform switch was the priority. Solveda delivered a working application within 4 months. Purity now has a consolidated platform for both the ERP and website. Customer order information is now sourced from a single OFBiz database. As a result, self-service inquiries on the website are now exactly the same as customer service phone inquiries.


  • Content: All product information is stored within the OFBiz repository. Content, pricing, and promotions remain consistent whether products are ordered via ERP or the website.
  • User Registration: Registration now contains a matching algorithm, with the website matching new web registrations with an existing ERP profile. Once matched, the new web customer can view previously placed orders, delivery information and much more.
  • Promotions: The full power of the promotional engine in OFBiz is exposed to the website. Complex scenarios such as buy-one-get-one (BOGO), free item, free shipping, item discounts and order discounts are now fully supported.