Mahindra forays into ecommerce space with a marketplace for its group companies.

Mahindra and Mahindra Limited, founded in 1945, is one of the India’s largest business houses encompassing 18 core business sectors having presence in over 100 countries around the world. It started as a steel trading company and has now grown into a multinational conglomerate estimated to be worth of $16.9 billion. Mahindra has a significant presence in the two wheeler, four wheeler and farm equipment industries as well sectors like leisure and travel, Information technology, real estate, retail, aerospace, agribusiness among others. Mahindra is headquartered in Mumbai, Maharashtra


The basic idea was to launch an online marketplace under the Mahindra umbrella. This marketplace would enable Mahindra companies to launch their individual online stores or list their services in a common store as per their business model. There were two major challenges posed in this exercise:

  • The first challenge was to keep the solution flexible to meet requirements of individual Mahindra companies which had decided to list on the marketplace. The requirement for the user interface and functionality for a marketplace store varied from a two wheeler business to the real estate sector.
  • The solution had to be scalable to allow more Mahindra companies to come on board at a later stage and at the same time provide flexibility of interface and functionality to each business.
  • The solution had to be omnichannel offering the customers seamless experience on the web, tab and mobile. Existing order tracking and lead generation systems had to be integrated with the marketplace to provide seamless solution for the business teams.


Solveda got on board with the Mahindra marketplace team in Nov 2014. Architects in Solveda approached the design keeping an eye on the challenges posed. The marketplace was designed as an extended site on IBM Websphere Commerce platform. The order management for all transactional stores was handled using IBM Sterling Order Management System.

In the first phase, 3 Mahindra companies opened online transactional stores:

  • Mahindra Two Wheelers (MTWL)
  • Mahindra First Choice Services (MFCS)
  • Mahindra Lifespaces Developers Limited (MLDL)


Solveda supported:

  • Integrate custom interface for MLDL
  • Integration with backend systems for order flow for MLDL and MFCS.
  • Custom integration with Mahindra lead management system.
  • Add and manage content for companies who listed on the marketplace.


About 30 other companies listed their services on the marketplace. Solveda proved to be a strategic technology partner for the Mahindra marketplace providing technology solution and consultation for each of the above Mahindra businesses.