Overhauling Legacy Applications

Your business is running on an outdated set of systems that manage your in-house operations. Your internal collaboration tools are used sparingly and your employees end up using their own forms of communication. There’s no centralized document repository for you to manage workflows and revisions.

Making the most of your legacy applications can feel a lot like operating with albatross around your neck. However, this doesn’t mean it’s time to jump ship. Instead, consider embarking on a legacy application modernization journey. When strategically planned and properly managed, modernizing custom legacy applications can be a low-risk, cost-effective way to conserve your critical intellectual property and maximize investments.

Brandon Edenfield,Exec Dir, Application Modernization division of Dell Services

Odds are, you’re running a set of outdated legacy software systems that are no longer meeting the needs of your business. This scenario is all too common today – business across the world are moving rapidly just to barely keep up with trends in mobility, security, and cloud infrastructure.

Legacy System Migrations (Overhauls, Modernizations) tend to happen infrequently within businesses – but when they do occur, it’s an expansive effort. At Icreon, we work with businesses that realize overhauling their existing technologies is just as much about educating their end users as it is about adding new features.

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