FujiFilm U.S.A.

Fuji Photo Film U.S.A. wanted to completely redesign and reconstruct its web site to add functionality and show off the breadth of the Fuji product line on a site that receives more than 1 million page hits a day. At the same time, Fujifilm wanted to offer its strategic partners and internal sales force the ability to securely and reliably access specific features that enhanced their relationship and work with Fujifilm. Finally, the company needed a solid and flexible foundation for future enhancements.

Solveda have shown to be a reliable and effective partner and their involvement in developing various application have enabled Fuji to effectively deploy complex Internet-enabled applications to a large user base. These applications were developed and deployed using best-of-breed tools and products. Using Solveda’s SOFIA foundation layer to enhance JSP development all of these applications were developed quickly, accurately and professionally. I would not hesitate to recommend their work

Ciro Cioppa,eCommerce Manager


  • Solveda’s role was complete reconstruction of the Fujifilm.com web site.
  • The site was re-engineered from the ground up over a six-month period using Solveda’s signature SOFIA framework as the foundation layer to integrate BEAWeblogic, Sybase, and other technologies
  • The design highlights Fuji’s range of products and services
  • The technology includes a flexible Content Management Tool that allows users to maintain their own product catalog and manage other key content
  • Besides the intuitive new interface, key features include an easy-to-use Product Catalog, a Dealer Locator functionality with MapQuest technology, and dynamic construction of every page
  • The design highlights Fuji’s range of products and services
  • Side by side with the consumer site, the new ePartners section allows the tracking of all outstanding orders, including search capability and integration of delivery tracking information


  • SCALABILITY: Supporting in excess of 1 million hits per day, the solution is extensible and scalable
  • SERVICE AND SUPPORT: One of the primary challenges for Fujifilm.com was to build a self-service support center to enable the immediate download of software, manuals, brochures, FAQs, and more. The overall success of Fujifilm.com has been borne out by the reduced number of customer service calls and e-mails that Fuji now receives.
  • EPARTNERS: The ePartners section lets Fujifilm’s strategic partners and sales force securely log in and track all outstanding orders. It includes easy-to-use searching capability and integration of delivery tracking information. Access to specialized Fujifilm advertising and marketing resources is also available.

Other FujiFilm Projects

  • FujiNet: A central Intranet site that let authorized users launch any accessible applications
  • DMS: A custom Document Management System that enables corporate policies and similar documents to be published to the Fuji Intranet
  • SCOMP: The Salesman Compensation Application, which “scores” Fuji salesman and regional and national account managers based on a number of factors
  • BBS: A bulletin board application that allows an Administrator to dynamically create categories and sub-categories and manage a threaded conversation for Fuji users
  • PROMO: A promotions management system that tracks sales opportunities and agreements at stores. This function logs financial commitments made to distributors and manages the promotions budget