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Open Source Commerce


BigFish is a world class E-commerce layer that runs on the OFBiz open source project, which serves as the foundation for thousands of E-commerce and ERP solutions. BigFish demonstrates the true power of OFBiz by further extending, enhancing and simplifying OFBiz to create a complete ERP along with multi-channel retail solution.

Simple, object-oriented, robust, and secure, BigFish is feature rich and created to be driven by your business and not your IT.

Why BigFish ?

  • Open source – no licensing hassles!
  • Low development cost
  • Feature rich
  • Empowers your business
  • Scalable and extensible
  • Integrates with just about anything
  • Provides a complete ecosystem


BigFish comes packed with all the features required to quickly build a revenue generating website.

  • A framework with will all the necessary functionality to:
    • Start generating revenue online.
    • That can be customized to add additional functionality if desired.
  • Powerful business tooling via the BigFish Admin Module, which provides an easy-to-use interface to manage all the daily tasks that are critical to the success of any eCommerce implementation.
  • BigFish allows business users to control all aspects of the site.
  • E-commerce, ERP, CRM and OMS all integrated in one package.
  • No licensing fee.
  • Web 2.0.
  • Pre-integrated with Unicommerce, Pinnacle, EBS, Paytm, Bluedart.
  • Regular feature additions.
  • Supports and adapts to organizational needs.
  • Easy to understand – no vendor locking.

BigFish Order Management System

Scalable and extensible, BigFish creates a robust and simplified Order Management System to support omni-channel order management activities.

Key Features:

  • Order Management Operations
  • Warehouse Operations – Picking, Packing and Invoicing
  • Flexible external integrations
  • Multi-Currency , Multi-Lingual
  • Order Approval
  • Payment gateway
  • Return Management (Create/Accept/Refund)

Case Study

Rebuilding American Swan ecommerce site

Learn how Solveda leveraged IBM Watson Commerce to rebuild the complete ecommerce portal with enhanced user experience, performance and scalability.

BigFish Commerce

Improve your time-to-market, provide a better customer experience and create an online storefront with ease using BigFish Commerce. Released as open-source under the Apache V2.0 license, download, enhance and control your destiny.

Key Features:

  • Customer Web Portal
  • Unlimited stores, catalogs, categories and products
  • Cross-sell and upsell products
  • Supports physical, digital, downloadable, variant and configurable products
  • Gift Certificates and Gift Cards
  • Pricing rules and Discounts
  • Online store promotion engine
  • Integrations with payment gateways
  • Product searching

Case Study

Seamless user experience across devices and channels

Learn how Solveda integrated online and offline channels for Steven Singer Jewelers to provide their shoppers a unified experience across devices.

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