1800Athlete.com reached out to Solveda and its bigFish eCommerce solution as a means to quickly launch a powerful eCommerce Website focusing on their catalog of sport performance supplements. They needed a fast turnaround without sacrificing quality.

I am thoroughly impressed at how quickly the site developed and the ease with which we launched it. The bigFish integration is extremely intuitive and allowed our team to make swift work of everything from the product loading to perfecting the UI.

Anuj Gupta,CTO, 1800Athlete.com


  • Using Solveda’s time tested methodology and the BigFish platform, Solveda and 1800Athlete.com worked together to develop a production ready website in less than eight weeks
  • Now 1800Athlete.com can quickly take control of the site’s variety of available features and tailor it to their mission and brand


  • Innovative UI: Taking advantage of bigFish’s flexible approach to adding content, 1800Athlete.com features of a variety of image carousels, content scrollers, and other revenue generating features.
  • Social Media Immersion: In addition to generating support for 1800Athlete.com’s social media outlets, every product on the site has the opportunity to reach a limitless base of new customers thanks to the integrated Sharing Widgets.
  • Flexible Product Organization: The main navigation was designed to provide various methods for locating products. Users can view products by brand name, product form, health concern, and price range. Search feature is also available.